Our Garlic

Since 2011 we have been growing garlic on our farm in Norfolk County, Ontario. We use manure and cover crops to enrich the soil with organic matter, and never use chemical sprays or fertilizers.

We grow seven varieties of garlic:

  • Music
  • Killarney
  • Chesnok
  • Creole Red
  • Georgian Crystal
  • Yugoslavian
  • Red Russian

A Year on the Garlic Farm


planting garlic on our farm

The garlic growing cycle begins in the Autumn. After sorting and “cracking” our seed garlic (dividing bulbs into cloves), we plant it in rows and then hill them.

Spring & Summer

As the weather grows warmer, the garlic plants begin to emerge. Growth is fast and by June we remove the scapes, encouraging the plants to send energy into producing large bulbs.

ontario garlic plants


garlic harvest on farm

Garlic harvest

More pictures and info to come!